Marina Alta Orchestra (O.M.A.)

The Orchestra “OMA” (Orquestra de la Marina Alta), created in 1998 by the orchestra conductor Francesc Estevez was born with the challenge of covering an important hole in the culture of our area. The Orchestra is connected with MACMA, made up by the 33 municipalities of the Marina Alta area.
The Orchestra played a concert in august 22nd in 1998 in the 10th International Music Week in Denia, with the representation of the opera of Mozart Bastien und Bastiene. Since now the orchestra has played more than 100 concerts in all the municipalities of the area, with its two groups: OMA and JOMA( young section). Two important concerts were played in Calpe, with tenor José Sempere and in Ondara because of the inauguration of their Municipal Halls. In the case of Calp, the concert was recorded and a CD of arias of opera was edited. The orchestra has shared stage with so prestigious solo players: David Menéndez, Carmen Avivar, Isidro Anaya, J. A. Allemany, Vicens Prats, Thomas Indermühle, Wolgang Meyer, Joan Enric Lluna, Miquel Pérez, Cristina Martí, Boris Monoszon, Eriko Takezawa and Josep Vicent Giner. The Orchestra has recorded two CD’s one with the works for string of W.A. Mozart and the other with the music of the Royal Fireworks and Aquatic Music of GF Handel.


Cristina Martí

He was born in Pedreguer in 1983. She studies guitar at the Conservatoire Tenor Cortis of Denia, with Concha Ballester and obtains a especial award at the end of the degree. She won the first prize in the tenth edition of the Contest “Concurs de Joves Intèrprets Ruperto Chapí de Villena”as well as the best guitarist of the Valencian Land in the 11th edition of the Contest Francesc Tarrega of Villa Real. She takes part in post-graduated courses with José Tomás, Carles Trepat, Manuel Barrueco, Hopkinson Smith, and Josep Vicent Giner. Now she continues her education at the Conservatoire “Superior Oscar Espla “of Alicante with professor Ignacio Rodes.


Juan Ramón Pérez

He was born in Cuenca in 1963. He obtains his degree on Music and Recorder at Royal Conservatoire of Music in Madrid with highest marks.

He has been given post-graduated classes related to different styles in the history of that instrument: medieval, renaissance, baroque and 20th century. He was student of concert players in Antique Music as Álvaro Marías, Ricardo Kanji, Baldrik Deeremberg and Jordi Savall among others.

Along these years, he has been member of Trio de Música Clásica La Tarantela and the Trío de Música Antigua Il Dolcimelo. Now he takes part in Accademia Arcadia (Baroque) and Sforzinda (Renaissance flute sextet). He has been teacher of music in Secondary School.


Francesc Estévez

Born in Ondara (Alicante) he stars his musical studies at the Conservaotire “Superior de Musica de Alicante”, where he attends the specialities of Piano, Violin, Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue, Composition, and Orchestration, with teachers Amando Blanquer. Afterwards he takes part in Composition and Conducting courses with teachers Antón García Abril and Enrique García Asensio. He improves his technique with Helmuth Rilling, Miguel Ángel Gómez Martínez, Karl Österreicher and Richard Edlinger. In 1998 he is elected by Harfot University (Connecticut, USA) in order to study Orchestra Direction with professors Harold Faberman, Kennet Kiesler, Daniel Lewis and Jonh Corigliano. In 1998 he founds the orchestra “Orquestra de la Marina Alta (OMA)”, He has recorded the CD Recital Opera, with tenor José Sempere, the Works for string of W.A. Mozart and the music of the Royal Fireworks and Aquatic Music of GF Handel as conductor of the orchestra “Orquestra de la Marina Alta”.

JAUME SIGNES · trumpet

Jaume Signes

He has studied at the Conservatories “Oscar Espla” of Alicante and “Superior “ of Valencia, where he obtains the degree on trumpet.
He has attended post-graduated courses with José Mª Ortí, P. Thibaud, M. Mellaerts, J. Millar, J. Harjanne, E. Aubier.
He has played several concerts with the trio “Trio Ciudad de Huesca” and the quintet “Quintet Oscar Esplà of Alicante”. He also has played as solo placer in several orchestral groups. He has been conductor of the bands: Banda Unió Musical de Beniarbeig, Banda La Paz of San Joan and has taken part as a visitor conductor in several conductor groups. He is professor of trumpet at the Conservatoire “Conservatori Superior de Musica d’Alacant”.


Rafael Tortajada

He was born in Benaguacil, Valencia, in 1975.He started studying Music at the age of six, under the direction of this own father, Rafael Tortajada Durá, who was a Professor at the Conservatoire in Valencia and trombon soloist in the Orchestra of Valencia.
He was given the awards with special distinction in the lines of trombone, bass saxhorn and chamber music.

In 1990 the Association of Artists, Interpreters and Players in Spain (A.I.E) awarded him a scholarship to expand his education in Barcelona with Miguel Rivera (trombone soloist in the City of Barcelona Orchestra). He has perfected his studies with A. Rosin, M. Bequet and B. Slokar.

He is an usual collaborator in several Spanish orchestras. He belongs to the wind soloists ensemble Mare Nostrum. He visited and participated in the Mid West International Band and Orchestra Clinic, which was celebrated in Chicago,U.S.A.

He has given improvement courses for brass instrumentalists.
He is a Trombone Professor at the Superior Music Conservatoire Oscar Esplá in Alicante since 1998.


Josep Vicent Giner

He is an organ and harpsichord player born in Denia. He studied with teachers Rynko Ottes, Javier Artigues, Josep Mª Mas i Bonet and Michael Radulescu. He finished his studies of high level with the highest marks, among them, a special award at the end of the degree, the academic grade “Magister Artium” of the University of Vienna with the qualification “cum laude“ and the award “Premi al Mèrit Artístic del Ministeri de Ciència i Cultura Austríac”.
He regularly offers concerts in the Iberian Peninsula as well as Europe, both as organ and harpsichord player with programmes of renaissance, baroque, romantic, chamber and contemporary music (playing for the first time works of Amando Blanquer and Josef Lammerz). As visitor teacher he teaches seminars and courses of interpretation. He is professor of the Conservatoire “Superior de Musica de Alicante”.


José L. González Uriol

José L.González Uriol was born in Saragossa. He is an Organ and Harpsichord Professor at the Superior Music Conservatoire in Saragossa. He is well known all over the world as an expert on Key-Music.

He has perfectionated his musical studies with splendid Professors such as Montserrat Torrent (Barcelona), Macario Santiago Kastner (Lisbon), Luigi F. Tagliavini (Bolonia) and Gustav Leonhardt (Amsterdam)

He has been invited to play in the most important International Festivals and Concert Halls in the world and he has taken part of the Jury in the most prestigious European competitions. He has travelled through the five continents due to his concert tours.

He has made a large number of albums as an specialist in old Spanish Music.
Among them, the double CD dedicated to Antonio de Cabezón, which was played on the most important historical organs, should be emphasized.

He is the titular organist of the historical organ José de Sesma (1692) situated in the Infanta´s yard and also of the Spaeth organ situated in the Royal Chapel of Saint Isabel of Portugal in Saragossa.
He is first-class member of the Ferdinand the Catholic Institution and founder of its section for Old Music. Since 1979 he has been the Director of the Old Baroque Music Festival and its courses.

Due to his labour in favor of Music in the Region of Aragon, he has received important prizes like the Cross of Alphonso the Wise and the Golden Medal of the City of Aragon.


Josep Mª Mas i Bonet

Josep Mª Mas i Bonet studied at the Municipal Conservatoire of Barcelona and finished his course with the award of the higher level Special Prize for Organ and the Higher Organ Teacher Diploma. He enrolled in various advanced courses in Holland run by Piet Kee and Anton Heiller, and in France he did an advanced course with Xavier Darasse.

Between 1974 and 1983 he lived in Basle (Switzerland), where he studied under Eduard Müller and Anton Heiller, and in 1979 he received the Diploma de Virtuosismo (soloist’s diploma) of the Basle Conservatoire by a unanimous decision on the part of the examining board. He also studied harpsichord and bass at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. Later he studied musicology and interpretation of Iberian Music, ranging from the XVth to the XVIIIth century, under the guidance of the musicologist M.S. Kastner with the help of a scholarship granted by the Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian of Lisbon.

In order to make this music and historical Catalan organs better known, he founded the International Courses on the Interpretation of Ancient Iberian Music in the year 1980. These courses are held in Torredembarra and Montblanc, where he teaches every summer. He gives music lessons in Iberian music at various European Conservatoires.

He has recorded several compact discs of Iberian music on the organs of Torredembarra, Montblanc and Sa Pobla in Mallorca for the collection Los órganos históricos de España, released by the Auvidis – Valois label. He has made recordings for French, Dutch, Italian and Swiss broadcasting corporations, as well as for Radio Nacional de España, Catalunya Música and others.

He has given a great number of concerts in Catalonia, throughout Spain and in almost all of the European countries, also in Turkey and South America.

He is a professor for organ and bass at the Conservatoire of the Liceo, the Barcelona opera-house, and permanent organist at the Priory Church of San Pedro in the town of Reus, where he lives.

ORIOL ROMANÍ · clarinet

Oriol Romaní

Born in Barcelona in 1959, his first contact with music was within his own family. He studied clarinet and interpretation with Juli Panyella, Thea King, Anton Weimberg, Tony Pay, Igor Markevitch and Giörgy Sebök. He was founder and co-soloist of the Joven Orquesta Nacional de España (Spanish National Youth Orchestra) and member of the Orquestra de Cambra del Teatre Lliure and Barcelona 216 orchestras.

He has performed all over Spain and in the main European countries with pianists Mary Ruiz-Casaux, Julius Drake and Joan Rubinat, violoncellists Suzana Stefanovic and Radu Aldulescu, sopranos Montserrat Alavedra and Juliane Banse, string quartets Casals, Basel's Euler and Barcelona's Homs; also as a soloist, accompanied by different national and foreign orchestras.

Joaquim Homs, Xavier Montsalvatge and István Vántus have dedicated works to him for his solo clarinet recitals, amongst which we must highlight Meditations, The musical world of Joan Miró and Your voice, my friend- music by Joaquim Homs inspired by the works of Tagore and Valéry. He has recorded the entire clarinet work by Joaquim Homs (Columna, 2000).

He has participated in many smaller-scale performances, where music is linked to theatre, narration, poetry or dance. He is the author of the books: La música, font de salut (Amalgama, 1998) and Tocats pel jazz (Amalgama, 2000). Together with members of the groups New Orleans Blue Stompers and Barcelona Swing Serenaders, he was awarded the first prize at the Saint Raphaël's International New Orleans Jazz Competition (France, 1998).


Esteban Elizondo

Esteban Elizondo was born in San Sebastian in 1945. On finishing his piano and organ studies he gets first prize for his achievements with both instruments. After that he starts at the Higher College of Music of Vienna where for a period of three years he furthers his organ studies under Anton Heiller. Later he does various specialization courses in Haarlem (Holland), in Palma de Mallorca, Torredembarra and other places.

He starts as a lecturer at the San Sebastian Conservatoire in 1971. From that moment onwards he works intensively both in the field of teaching and as an artist, performing as an organist in most European countries, in the United States, Canada and Japan. He has also worked as a soloist with various orchestras, playing in concerts written by F. Poulenc, G.F. Händel, F.X. Brixi, F.J. Haydn, D. Cimarosa and other composers.

Esteban Elizondo is also the founder and coordinator of the International Course of Romantic Music for Organ, which is held every year in San Sebastian and visited by organists from all over the world. In addition, he acts as adviser in respect of the restoration of organs of all styles. In the last few years he has recorded twelve compact discs, thereby making known Spanish authors from the XVIth to the XVIIIth century and the music of the end of the XIXth up to the beginning of the XXth century, which to a large extent still remains in obscurity. Recently he has recorded for the very first time the entire works for organ by Jesús Guridi with the record company Aelus from Germany.

His doctoral thesis entitled The Romatic Movement of Organ Building in the Basque Country and Navarre has aroused great interest in various European countries.

Symphony Orchestra of Alicante (OSA)

Symphony Orchestra of Alicante(O.S.A.)

The OSA was an initiative of the Culture Council of the Alicante Town Hall in 1996. Its official presentation happened in the Teatro Principal of Alicante on the 27th of November 1996, it was conducted by its titular director Joan Iborra.

Since the creation of the Symphony Orchestra of Alicante, the musical life of the city and its province has been dramatically enriched. International well-known soloists have collabo-rated in its concerts. In October 1999, the OSA toured successfully through Castilla La Mancha.

The quality of OSA components -who have created several chamber groups, the teaching activities carried out by many of them, the existence of the Asociación de Amigos de la Sinfónica (Friends of Symphony Association) that have worked on both organizing music events and supporting formations of young musicians and composers from Alicante are good examples of the cultural agitation that the OSA provokes in the City.

Joan Iborra, director

Joan Iborra

Joan Iborra was educated in the Music Conser-vatory of Alcoy, Valencia and Madrid. He was a member of the Musical Youth World Orchestra, World Symphony Orchestra, Orquesta Nacional de España performing in the five continents and was conducted by great directors such as Eric Leinsdorf, Karel Ancerl, Witold Rowinsky, Arthur Fieldler, etc.

Joan Iborra was percussion teacher in the Real Conservatory of Music of Madrid and since 1984 he has been a teacher in the Superior Conser-vatory of Music of Alicante. He also collaborates as a teacher and director of the percussion group of the Joven Orquesta Nacioanl de España (Jonde), Joven Orquesta de Euskadi, Joven Orquesta de la Generalitat Valenciana and the Joven Orquesta de Canarias.

He possesses the title of Knight of La orden del Merito Civil awarded by Juan Carlos the first.

Joan Iborra has been the titular director of the Symphony Orchestra of Alicante since its beginning in 1996 and Art and Titular director of the Philharmonic Band of Alicante University. In 2004 he has been named director of the Superior Conservatory of Music Oscar Esplá in Alicante.